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Prime Day is Live! Get Daily Deals, Lightning Deals & More!

Posted on 7/16/18 @ 3:00 pm ET  -   Comments
Amazon's Prime Day sale is live! Find hundreds of thousands of deals exclusively for Prime members through Tuesday night. New deals will pop up as often as every 5 minutes so check back all day. Be sure to sign up for our... read more

Black Friday Countdown: 6 Months Until Black Friday 2018

Posted on 5/23/18 @ 10:00 am ET  -   Comments
We are officially half-way to Black Friday 2018! Today marks the 6 month point in the countdown towards the big day. We know many of you are getting excited about the big day and some are even putting off big purchases until... read more

Relive Past Black Fridays with the Black Friday Archive

Posted on 11/30/17 @ 4:50 pm ET  -   Comments
We get many requests from our visitors to browse older Black Friday ads from previous years. To answer those requests, we created a site for you to check out: is a simple easy-to-use site that lets you browse our complete archive... read more

Black Friday May Be Over, But The Deals Don't Stop on GottaDEAL

Posted on 11/28/17 @ 8:25 am ET  -   Comments
Now that Black Friday & Cyber Monday are over, you may be thinking that the best deals are over as well. But as we've mentioned many times, GottaDEAL is open all year, 365/24/7. We post hundreds of deals each week on our... read more

Black Friday In-Store Traffic Down, But Online Sales Skyrocket

Posted on 11/26/17 @ 4:51 pm ET  -   Comments
Black Friday is over and the numbers are in. ShopperTrak reports that in-store Black Friday visits were down 1% compared to last year, and combined Thanksgiving and Black Friday numbers were down 2% over 2016 numbers. This was attributed to a few... read more

Online Black Friday Shopping Tips & Tricks

Posted on 11/17/17 @ 1:31 am ET  -   Comments
As start times for Black Friday sales in physical brick & mortar stores get earlier each year, we receive many questions from our visitors about online Black Friday shopping. To answer your questions and help everyone out, we recently put together a... read more

Black Friday Savings Tip: Get a Deal-Friendly Credit Card

Posted on 11/16/17 @ 2:02 pm ET  -   Comments
One of the best ways to maximize your savings during Black Friday week is to make sure you have a good cash-back credit card. Use these credit cards for your purchases and you will earn additional cash back beyond the usual big... read more

Overwhelmed by the Deals? Let Us Help You Stay Organized

Posted on 11/15/17 @ 9:20 am ET  -   Comments
It's no secret that the next few weeks will bring a huge number of deals and it's easy to get overwhelmed by it all and feel like you can't possibly keep track. But don't worry: we run a year-round deals site and... read more

Check out our Black Friday Comparison Charts

Posted on 11/14/17 @ 6:22 am ET  -   Comments
One of the more useful tools on this site is our popular Black Friday Comparison Charts. These charts will let you compare prices, specs and more for the most popular items such as TVs, laptops, tablets, Blu-ray players, video games, Apple products... read more

Don't Be Late for Online Black Friday Deals This Year

Posted on 11/13/17 @ 6:26 pm ET  -   Comments
Retailers moving the start of Black Friday to Thanksgiving Day has made headlines in recent years, but for those of us doing the majority of our Black Friday shopping online, the big day to start shopping is actually one day earlier -... read more

Keep Track of Black Friday Opening Times on Our Forum

Posted on 11/12/17 @ 5:26 pm ET  -   Comments
Want to know when your favorite store opens this year on Thursday or Friday? We have a forum thread where we are keeping a full schedule of all of the major retailers' opening times.It's just one of the many useful threads we... read more

GottaDeal Presents: Do's and Don'ts of Black Friday

Posted on 11/10/17 @ 7:59 am ET  -   Comments
We've covered Black Friday online for over a decade, back when most people would give you a strange look when you mentioned the term. Now Black Friday dominates news coverage. It trends on Twitter and Facebook. And it's used by retailers to... read more

Check Out Our Guide to Saving Money on Amazon

Posted on 10/24/17 @ 12:52 pm ET  -   Comments continues its run as the undisputed leader when it comes to online shopping. But while most of our visitors shop on Amazon all the time, there are some tips and tricks that you may not be aware of, so we created... read more

When to Expect Your Favorite Store's Black Friday Ad

Posted on 10/17/17 @ 3:59 pm ET  -   Comments
We took the data from the past four years to find out how soon before Black Friday each ad typically gets leaked here on GottaDEAL. We then based those days on this year's Black Friday date, November 24th, to come up with... read more

Read Our Exclusive Predictions for Black Friday 2017

Posted on 10/11/17 @ 12:10 pm ET  -   Comments
This year marks our 14th year covering Black Friday here on GottaDEAL. As we do every year, we’ll use our past Black Friday experiences and expert deal hunting skills to come up with a set of predictions for what you can expect... read more

Follow @GottaDEAL or @BlackFridayNews on Twitter

Posted on 10/8/17 @ 1:48 pm ET  -   Comments
For those of you on Twitter, we've got two options for you this year. As always, @GottaDEAL is our year-round account. We'll post great online deals along with important Black Friday updates.You can also follow @BlackFridayNews which is an automated account that... read more

STORES Top 50 Favorite Online Retailers Rankings

Posted on 9/16/17 @ 10:43 am ET  -   Comments
STORES, the official magazine of the National Retail Federation, has released their 2017 list of the top 50 favorite online retailers based on a comprehensive survey of online shoppers. The top 10 retailers this year were,,,,,,... read more

When Will the First Black Friday Ad Be Posted?

Posted on 9/5/17 @ 11:48 am ET  -   Comments
We know many of you wait with anticipation for every leaked ad to be posted each year. We've compiled a chart which shows the dates we've posted ads during the past 12 years. Taking a look at the chart, you'll notice that aside from a few... read more

Sign up for GottaDEAL Instant Deal Alerts to Save Big!

Posted on 8/5/17 @ 2:28 pm ET  -   Comments
This time of year there are many very hot deals that appear on a retailer's site and sell out within a few hours or, in many cases, just a few minutes. To help you score these deals before everyone else, we created... read more

Black Friday Message Boards Are Now Open for 2018!

Posted on 8/5/17 @ 2:28 pm ET  -   Comments
As we do every year around this time, we have officially opened up our main Black Friday message board for this year. You can check out all the early Black Friday discussion here.You can start discussing your predictions for this year, any... read more