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Half Price Books Black Friday Sale Details Posted
Posted on October 2nd @ 2:51 pm ET  -   Comments

We have just posted this year's Half Price Books Holiday Gift Guide. View the 12-page ad here. This gift guide contains details of HPB's Black Friday sale. As they have in the past, Half Price Books will have a 20% sitewide discount and a free tote bag and $5 gift card to first 100 customers.

If you would like to see how this year's Half Price Books Black Friday ad compares to their ads from past years, check out our Black Friday Archive to view over 500 ads from the last decade.
Staples Reveals Holiday Plans, Black Friday Opening
Posted on October 1st @ 11:36 am ET  -   Comments

It's the first day of the all important 4th quarter and Staples has chosen to announce details of their holiday season plans as well as the opening day and time for their Black Friday sale.

Staples revealed that they will have major pre-Black Friday sales starting in early November. These deals will be available both in stores and online. More importantly, Staples announced that they will open on Friday at 6am for their Black Friday sale, but the deals will be online starting on Thursday. This is a change from last year, when Staples was open from 6-10pm on Thanksgiving Day.
Target Expands Price Matching Policy to More Rivals
Posted on September 30th @ 9:35 am ET  -   Comments

Starting tomorrow, October 1st, Target will price-match websites from nearly 30 major retailers. Prices can be matched in Target stores or when shopping on by calling customer service. This expands Target's previous policy which only matched prices from five retailers.

Some of the new online retailers Target is matching deals from include,,, as well as warehouse clubs Sam's Club and Costco.
Black Friday Predictions: GPS, Cameras, iPods & More
Posted on September 25th @ 9:17 am ET  -   Comments

Our exclusive set of Black Friday predictions for this year concludes today with our thoughts on the deals you'll see on Black Friday for GPS systems, digital cameras, iPods and more.

Read our predictions for these items here and feel free to share your own predictions for this year in the comments. Missed any of our earlier predictions? See the full set here.
Black Friday Predictions: Smartphones & Wearables
Posted on September 24th @ 10:02 am ET  -   Comments

Our popular series of 2015 Black Friday predictions continues today with our thoughts on the deals you'll see on Black Friday for smartphones, smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Read our predictions here and be sure to let us know about your predictions for this year in the comments section. If you missed our earlier predictions, see here for a full roundup.
Black Friday Predictions: Video Games & Toys
Posted on September 23rd @ 8:16 am ET  -   Comments

Our exclusive series of Black Friday predictions continues today with our thoughts on the deals you'll see on Black Friday for video games, video game hardware and toys.

Check out our thoughts here and leave your comments and any predictions you might have for this year. If you missed our earlier predictions for TVs, tablets or computers, see here.
Black Friday Predictions: Computers & Peripherals
Posted on September 22nd @ 10:56 am ET  -   Comments

Our exclusive series of Black Friday predictions continues today with our thoughts on the deals you'll see on Black Friday for laptops, desktops and other computer peripherals.

View the article here and be sure to leave your comments and any predictions you might have for this year. If you missed our earlier predictions for televisions or tablets, see those here.
Read Our Exclusive Predictions for Black Friday 2015
Posted on September 21st @ 12:40 pm ET  -   Comments

This year marks our 12th year covering Black Friday here on As we do every year, we’ll use our past Black Friday experiences and general deal hunting skills to come up with a set of predictions for what you can expect on Black Friday this year, both in stores and online.

We'll be posting predictions for different product categories all week long, so be sure to check back every day this week for the latest predictions. We start today with some general predictions for this year along with our thoughts about Black Friday deals on televisions and tablets.
Amazon Unveils New Fire Tablets Starting at Just $49
Posted on September 17th @ 9:48 am ET  -   Comments

This morning unveiled four new versions of their popular Fire line of Android-based tablets, all running and upgraded version of its Fire OS 5 "Bellini" operating system.

Amazon released two new Fire HD tablets, in 8" and 10" sizes. These lower cost models are the thinnest tablets the company has sold at only 7.7 mm thick. The Fire HD 8 costs $150 and the larger Fire HD 10 will sell for $230, before any discounts Amazon may have coming up.

Amazon also announced that it would release its smallest, lightest and cheapest tablet ever, called the Fire. This quad-core tablet features a 7" IPS display, 8GB of internal storage and costs just $50. If you buy five of these tablets, you'll get a 6th free. The kids edition of the Fire tablet is also being updated and comes with a case and loaded with kids games and videos.
STORES Top 50 Favorite Online Retailers Rankings
Posted on September 16th @ 11:31 am ET  -   Comments

STORES, the official magazine of the National Retail Federation, has released their 2015 list of the top 50 favorite online retailers based on a comprehensive survey of online shoppers.

The top retailers this year were,, (which moved up 2 spots this year),,,,, and The survey also showed that older shoppers tend to stick with retailers they are familiar with when shopping online, and that younger shoppers are more likely to try new retailers.
Toys R Us Unveils Hot Toy List, Lowers Free Shipping Minimum
Posted on September 9th @ 12:54 pm ET  -   Comments

Toys R Us today announced that they are lowering their free shipping threshold for orders to only $19, just in time for the holiday shopping season. The previous minimum was $49.

Toys R Us also unveiled their Hot Toy List for the 2015 holiday shopping season. This list contains the top 36 toys handpicked from Toys R Us' team of experts and features toys for all age groups. Among these items, they picked out their "Fabulous 15" which they expect to be the most in-demand toys and games of the season.
Discuss Black Friday on the Forums & Win an iPad Air 2!
Posted on September 9th @ 12:54 pm ET  -   Comments

We're really proud of our Black Friday message boards on our forum. They are a great place to talk about Black Friday with others who are just as crazy about Black Friday as you are.

Every year we see a lot of lurkers on the boards, and this year we want to encourage you to sign up and post by giving away an Apple iPad Air 2 tablet just for discussing Black Friday on the forums. See this thread for full details and if you don't have a forum account, get one here.
Best Practices: Black Friday 101 for Retailers
Posted on September 5th @ 11:31 am ET  -   Comments

We realize that we get many visits from employees of the retailers that we post Black Friday ads from. Given that potential audience of decision-makers within the retail industry, we thought we'd try to help out all of retailers during this holiday shopping season.

Several years ago we compiled a list of best practices that stores can follow for a successful day - Black Friday 101 for retailers. We think these ideas still are valid and should be considered.
Walmart Launches Holiday Layaway Program Today
Posted on August 28th @ 10:49 am ET  -   Comments

Walmart today launched their holiday layaway program a full two weeks earlier than last year. New this year, eligible items can be as cheap as $10 each, as long as your total is over $50.

As always there is no opening fee to start an account, and you only need to put down 10%. The deadline to pick up your items is December 14th this year.
Amazon Prime Member Appreciation Sale: Save 30% on Toys!
Posted on August 24th @ 2:16 pm ET  -   Comments has a Prime Member Appreciation Sale going on through September 6th. Prime members can use coupon code TOYS2015 to save an extra 30% on hundreds of toys.

You'll also get free shipping on these sale priced toys with your Prime membership.
Countdown: Just 100 Days Remaining Until Black Friday!
Posted on August 19th @ 12:29 pm ET  -   Comments

Today marks the 100 day milestone in the countdown to Black Friday 2015. We're also officially opening our Black Friday forums so you can join the early Black Friday discussion.

As we do every year, we will also be posting our official Black Friday predictions for 2015 where we'll speculate on the hot items and the prices they'll be offered at so look for that soon as well.
Relive Past Black Fridays with Black Friday Archive
Posted on August 19th @ 12:29 pm ET  -   Comments

We get many requests from our visitors to browse older Black Friday ads from previous years. To answer those requests, we created a site for you to check out:

This is a simple site that lets you browse our complete archive of past Black Friday ads. The archive currently goes back to 2004 and has nearly 600 historical Black Friday ads.
Black Friday Message Boards Are Now Open for 2015!
Posted on August 19th @ 12:29 pm ET  -   Comments

As we do every year around this time, we have officially opened up our main Black Friday message boards for this year. You can check them out here.

You can start discussing your predictions for this year, any Black Friday news that comes up and much more. Also be on the lookout for our first contests of the year as well. See you there!
When Will the First Black Friday Ad Be Posted?
Posted on August 19th @ 12:29 pm ET  -   Comments

We know many of you wait with anticipation for the first ad to be posted each year. We've compiled a chart which shows the dates we've posted ads during the past 9 years. Taking a look at the chart, you'll notice that aside from a few early small ads, the more anticipated ads typically start getting posted in late October.  

Of course, that all could change this year, so be sure you're signed up for our free alert mailing list in case an ad gets leaked sooner than expected. And as always, we rely on our loyal visitors to provide us with early peeks of the ads. Just click here to submit info.
Sign up for Instant Deal Alerts!
Posted on August 19th @ 12:28 pm ET  -   Comments

This time of year there are many very hot deals that appear on a retailer's site and sell out within a few hours or, in many cases, just a few minutes. To help you score these deals before everyone else, we created the very popular (and totally free) Instant Deal Alerts.

This is an exclusive list which will only be used to send you instant alerts about the absolute hottest deals that we find. To join thousands of others getting these alerts, see this page to sign up.