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Guides, Tips and Tricks
Overwhelmed by the Deals? Let Us Help You Stay Organized
Posted on November 19th @ 5:22 pm ET in Guides & Tips

It's no secret that the next few days and weeks will bring a huge number of deals and it's easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you can't possibly keep track. But don't worry: we run a year-round deals site and have several tools to help you score the hottest deals this year:
Online Black Friday Shopping Tips & Tricks
Posted on November 16th @ 1:00 pm ET in Guides & Tips

As more and more people decide to avoid physical brick & mortar stores and do their Black Friday shopping from home, we receive many questions about online Black Friday shopping.

To answer your questions and help everyone out, we recently updated our set of Online Black Friday Tips & Tricks that can help you have a successful Black Friday week online. More people than ever will be shopping online this year and these tips can help you score the best deals.
Don't Be Late for Online Black Friday Deals This Year
Posted on November 13th @ 4:14 pm ET in Guides & Tips

Retailers moving the start of Black Friday to Thanksgiving Day made headlines when it first happened, but for those of us doing the majority of our Black Friday shopping online, the big day to start shopping is actually one day earlier - on the day before Thanksgiving.

Over the past few years, the Wednesday of Black Friday week has become the busiest online shopping day of the year when it comes to deals and for good reason. Read the full article.
Check out our Black Friday Comparison Charts
Posted on November 12th @ 1:00 pm ET in Guides & Tips

One of the more useful tools on this site is our popular Black Friday Comparison Charts. These charts will let you compare prices, specs and more for the most popular items such as TVs, laptops, tablets, Blu-ray players, video games, Apple products and much more.

The charts have been updated with information from the major ads we posted last week including Best Buy, Target and Walmart, so check them out as you plan your strategy for this year.
When to Expect Your Favorite Store's Black Friday Ad
Posted on October 16th @ 1:12 pm ET in Guides & Tips

We took the data from the past several years to find out how soon before Black Friday each ad typically gets leaked here on GottaDEAL. We then based those days on this year's Black Friday date, November 23rd, to come up with a calendar for this year for many of the most popular stores.

Of course you may remember that the last few years we had crazy 2-day periods that saw ads from Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Kohl's, Sears, Sam's Club and many others all released right after each other. We expect something similar this year around November 5th-7th.
Check Out Our Guide to Saving Money on Amazon
Posted on October 11th @ 12:52 pm ET in Guides & Tips continues its run as the undisputed leader when it comes to online shopping. But while most of our visitors shop on Amazon all the time, there are some tips and tricks that you may not be aware of, so we created our guide to saving money on Amazon for you to check out.

In this guide you'll find tips such as using the right credit card, the best ways to get Amazon Prime, where to find major discounts on Amazon orders, how to navigate all of Amazon's deals and much more. With Black Friday right around the corner, we hope you'll find this guide useful.
GottaDeal Presents: Do's and Don'ts of Black Friday
Posted on October 10th @ 7:59 am ET in Guides & Tips

We've covered Black Friday online for over a decade, back when most people would give you a strange look when you mentioned the term. Now Black Friday dominates news coverage. It trends on Twitter and Facebook. And it's used by retailers to get you to buy everything under the sun.

It's been predicted that more people than ever will be out shopping on Black Friday this year, so we thought it would be a great time to help out with a guide to the do's and don'ts of Black Friday .
Black Friday Savings Tip: Get a Deal-Friendly Credit Card
Posted on October 9th @ 2:02 pm ET in Guides & Tips

One of the best ways to maximize your savings during Black Friday week is to make sure you have a good cash-back credit card. Use these credit cards for your purchases and you will earn additional cash back beyond the usual big Black Friday savings found each year. But the clock is ticking - if you want to get any of these cards to use during the upcoming sales, you need to apply soon.

Many of these cards have big signup bonuses if you spend a certain amount in the first 3 months with the card, so sign up for any of these cards today and you can use your holiday shopping to meet these bonus goals easily. Check out for an list of our favorites.
Read Our Exclusive Predictions for Black Friday 2018
Posted on October 1st @ 12:26 pm ET in Guides & Tips

This year marks our 15th year covering Black Friday here on GottaDEAL. As we do every year, we’ll use our past Black Friday experiences and expert deal hunting skills to come up with a set of predictions for what you can expect on Black Friday this year, both in stores and online.

This year we expect online sales to continue their explosive growth during Black Friday week as more shoppers than ever do their Black Friday and Thanksgiving shopping online. Read about our thoughts on this and many other topics in our predictions article posted here.
When Will the First Black Friday Ad Be Posted?
Posted on September 10th @ 10:35 am ET in Guides & Tips

We know many of you wait with anticipation for every leaked ad to be posted each year. We've compiled a chart which shows the dates we've posted ads during the past 12 years. Taking a look at the chart, you'll notice that aside from a few early small ads, the more anticipated ads typically start getting posted in late October.  

Of course, that all could change this year, so be sure you're signed up for our free alert mailing list in case an ad gets leaked sooner than expected. And as always, we rely on our loyal visitors to provide us with early peeks of the ads. Just click here to submit info.
Relive Past Black Fridays with the Black Friday Archive
Posted on September 5th @ 7:06 pm ET in Guides & Tips

We get many requests from our visitors to browse older Black Friday ads from previous years. To answer those requests, we created a site for you to check out:

This is a simple easy-to-use site that lets you browse our complete archive of past Black Friday sale ads. The Black Friday Archive currently goes back to 2004 and has over 850 historical ads. Also, the ads from Black Friday 2017 have already been added to the archive for you to view.
Best Practices: Black Friday 101 for Retailers
Posted on July 5th @ 4:28 am ET in Guides & Tips

We realize that we get many visits from employees of the retailers that we post Black Friday ads from. Given that potential audience of decision-makers within the retail industry, we thought we'd try to help out all of retailers during this holiday shopping season.

Several years ago we compiled a list of best practices that stores can follow for a successful day - Black Friday 101 for retailers. We think these ideas still are valid and should be considered.