Walmart BF Event #1
View Ad Item ListingSale Dates: Nov. 3 to Nov. 7

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Wonder Nation Girls' Underwear 10-Pack$5.50
Wonder Nation Boys' Boxer Briefs 5-Pack$5.50
Girls' Character Briefs 7-Pack$5.50
Boys' Character Briefs 5-Pack$5.50
Wonder Nation Boys' Socks 15-Pack$5.50
Wonder Nation Girls' Socks 15-Pack$5.50
Secret Treasures Women's Comfort Bra$5.50
Toddlers' Character 10 Days of Socks$5.00
Toddlers' Character Briefs 6-Pack$5.00
Hanes Women's Socks 10-Pack$7.00
Fruit of the Loom Women's Underwear 6-Pack$6.00
And1 Men's Socks 6-Pack$6.00
Hanes Men's Boxer Briefs 5-Pack$10.00