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Black Friday Predictions: Televisions

Posted October 1, 2018 by Staff

4K TVs continue to be more of a mainstream item this year as fewer 1080p models are produced, and we expect that to be reflected in the deals we see on Black Friday this year. We’ll get to those Ultra HD models soon, but first let’s talk about the deals we expect to see on traditional HDTVs.

With HDTVs, quality can vary greatly from the cheap to the more expensive units. In many cases, the lowest-priced models on Black Friday are stripped-down models lacking some of the “bells and whistles” of the higher priced versions. That doesn't necessarily mean that these deals aren't great, just be aware of what you are buying and have realistic expectations for the performance you'll get out of it.

Based on our research and the opinions of our visitors, we expect to see one of the most common Black Friday HDTV sizes, a 42" model, to appear for as low as $149 this year. Deals on larger 50" to 55” models should also be plentiful this year, with a 55” 1080p Smart HDTV as low as $199 this year. Larger HDTV models aren't being produced as much anymore as TV manufacturers focus on 4K.

Samsung introduces a special lineup of TVs each year and every retailer has to price them the same. These are typically great models that you can score at any time before or after Black Friday without having to deal with crowds.

4K Ultra HD TVs have dropped in price dramatically over the past year, and as more 4K content becomes available, shoppers are preparing for the future by getting these models now. We’ve been posting great deals for 4K models all year long as we think Black Friday will see the best deals of the year.

Expect a 55” 4K TV from a brand such as Vizio to be as low as $299 on Black Friday this year. A larger 60” or 65” model from Samsung or LG should be available for around $499 or $599 respectively. With 4K TVs, you want to make sure you are buying a large enough screen to see the increased resolution, so stay away from smaller 40" or 43" models.

While in past years we recommended waiting to purchase a 4K TV, we feel at this point that prices have settled to a point where it makes sense to take advantage of Black Friday deals to get one of these TVs. The increased amount of 4K content means you can use these models to their full capability more than ever although there still isn't as much 4K content out there as we'd like.

While Black Friday is a great time to buy TVs, you can still find great deals in early to mid-December as retailers tend to ramp up the deals to get those last minute sales before the holidays. And even if you miss those deals, the pre-Super Bowl TV deals are also very attractive every year.

View all our predictions for Black Friday 2018 here and be sure to leave your comments below.