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Posted July 23, 2020 by GottaDEAL Staff

In addition to posting the actual Black Friday ads here on the site, we have several other exclusive site features that will help you have a successful Black Friday this year. See below for descriptions and links to these features.

  Black Friday Frequently Asked Questions
Despite Black Friday @ being open since 2004, we still get a lot of visitors who are relatively new to the whole Black Friday scene. To help these visitors and anyone else who may need a refresher course, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we get each year about Black Friday. This page also has a brief history of Black Friday including the reason it is called Black Friday in the first place, another common question we are asked often. Click here to view our most frequently asked questions about Black Friday.

  Black Friday Predictions
Having covered Black Friday extensively for the past seven years, we are in a better position than nearly anyone else to offer predictions for Black Friday. Over the years we've noticed trends in the deals offered  and can offer a glimpse into what we believe will be the most popular deals and hottest items. We'll also give you some predictions for the actual prices you'll see these items selling at this Black Friday based on our research along with some general shopping predictions for the year. Click here to view our predictions.

  Black Friday 101 for Retailers
We realize that we get many visits from employees of the retailers that we post Black Friday ads from. So given that potential audience of decision-makers within the retail industry, we thought we'd try to help out all of retailers during this very crucial holiday shopping season by making their customers' Black Friday experience as good as possible. We've compiled a list of best practices that retailers should follow for a successful day - Black Friday 101 for retailers. Click here to view our suggested best practices.

  Dates of Previous Black Friday Ads
One of the main questions we get each year is "When can I expect the ads to be posted?" To help answer this question, we have prepared a chart which shows the dates we posted all the major Black Friday ads for each of the past 10+ years dating all the way back to 2006. You can check this chart to see when specific stores have had their ads leaked to help estimate when you can expect a particular ad to appear on the site this year.  Click here to view this exclusive chart of past Black Friday ad posting dates here on

  Black Friday's Most Wanted List
Have you ever wondered which items in a particular ad will be the most popular when Black Friday rolls around? We have a list of "Black Friday's Most Wanted" items for you to use in your planning. This page shows the top 10 most popular items in each ad we post. These lists are based on the items that your fellow visitors are adding to their shopping lists here on the site and are updated every few minutes for the most accurate results. Click here to check out our list of "Black Friday's Most Wanted" sale items for this year.

  Black Friday Message Boards
Our Black Friday message boards are the largest of their kind online. We have a significant amount of discussion each year about the sales and everything else associated with Black Friday. In addition to a general discussion forum, we have dedicated sub-forums for the most popular stores and a special board just for holiday-related chatter. If you feel like re-living the past, we have archives of our Black Friday forums going all the way back to 2004 that you can browse. Click here to join the discussion on the Black Friday message boards.

  Black Friday Comparison Charts
We know that the sheer number of items in the Black Friday ads can be overwhelming to many people. In an effort to help you analyze the ads and deals, we've created a set of comparison charts for the more popular product categories each year. You'll be able to compare features, specifications and prices for items such as HDTVs, laptops, digital cameras, GPS systems, tablets and much more. These charts are updated continuously as new ads are added to the site. Click here to view our exclusive comparison charts.