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Black Friday Predictions: Electronics

Posted October 1, 2018 by Staff

Electronics such as GPS systems, e-readers, cameras, camcorders and MP3 players used to be a much larger focus on Black Friday, but with most modern smartphones having the same capabilities, these devices have become less in demand, and therefore they take up less real estate on shelves and in Black Friday ads.

One of the hottest product categories this year will be smart home equipment. This includes products such as Amazon's Echo and other Alexa-compatible smart home devices. Wireless security cameras, smart light bulbs and app-controlled light switches and outlets will take up much more space in Black Friday ads this year.

Amazon has pretty much taken control of the e-reader market with their Kindle models. Competitors such as Barnes & Noble’s Nook models really are a non-factor these days. We’re expecting great deals on Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite models with sale prices likely to be $35 and $75, respectively. The Paperwhite is our favorite e-reader and any discount offered this year makes it an even better deal.

We're also expecting great deals on Nest's line of smart home devices such as their cameras and smart thermostats. There were plenty of hot deals on these items last year and we expect them to be even more popular this year. Ring's video doorbell will also see a decent price drop. Expect big discounts on Philips Hue lighting, especially on starter kits.

Prices have continued to drop on GPS systems as new models have been released with incremental feature upgrades such as updated maps, traffic and weather capability and improved larger displays. Being able to upgrade maps for free in many cases has meant that many consumers have not needed to buy new units.

We've posted deals all year long on GottaDEAL for GPS systems well below $100 and therefore we expect to see a budget GPS system from a top maker with 5" display for $39 this year, and more feature-loaded models from the manufacturers just mentioned for around $69. Larger models with 6" displays and lifetime traffic and maps service should be around $99 this year.

Blu-ray continues to be the standard HD format for movies, and therefore we expect some nice deals on Blu-ray players and movies on Black Friday. We fully expect Blu-ray players to appear in Black Friday ads for as low as $29. 4K Blu-ray players should also finally be more widespread in Black Friday ads this year.

While extremely cheap DVD movies have always been a staple of Black Friday, Blu-ray movies have joined the party. Expect to see very cheap prices on both Blu-ray movies and TV season box sets, always one of the most popular items in the ads each year. This year we could also finally see some nice widespread discounts on 4K Blu-ray titles, hopefully with some titles being under $10 this year.

While a few years ago digital cameras were a huge Black Friday item, these days nearly everyone has one and so it takes more than just a cheap price to get people to make a purchase. As one of the most popular online deal sites, we believe digital camera deals are usually better during the year than they are on Black Friday.

We’re hoping to see some killer Black Friday deals on GoPro camcorders this year, however any deals on these highly rated video cameras are more likely to be online deals and not in the actual Black Friday ads. Also don't expect much if any discounts on the new 7 series.

Media streaming devices should be available with deep discounts this year. This includes products such as Roku’s various models, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Apple TV. However we don't see major discounts on the new Apple TV 4K streamer just yet.

Drones will also show up in Black Friday ads this year and we expect small discounts on DJI's new Mavic Pro and Zoom models, as well as better discounts on more inexpensive models such as the Mavic Air.

View all our predictions for Black Friday 2018 here and be sure to leave your comments below.