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Join thousands of other shoppers on our Black Friday message boards discussing the latest leaked ads, Black Friday news, strategies and more. Here are some recent discussions to check out:

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Black Friday Shortcut URLs Available Again This Year
Posted on August 19th @ 12:28 pm ET  -   Comments

Just a reminder that the shortcut web addresses we've had in the past are working once again this year to save you some time:

BlackFriday.GD will take you directly to this Black Friday site. will take you to the message boards.
Follow @GottaDeal or @BlackFridayNews on Twitter
Posted on August 19th @ 12:27 pm ET  -   Comments

For those of you on Twitter, we've got two options for you this year. As always, @GottaDeal is our year-round account. We'll post great online deals along with important Black Friday updates.

You can also follow @BlackFridayNews which is an automated account that will post Black Friday site updates and new message board threads. All Black Friday news, all the time.
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Posted on August 19th @ 12:27 pm ET  -   Comments

Everyone knows that this is the best time of year to score amazing online deals. Would you like to get an e-mail every morning with the latest deals we've posted on our year-round deal site?

Just click here to sign up and every day we will send out an e-mail with all the deals we've posted in the last 24 hours. These deals will help you save big as you buy gifts or shop for yourself this year.
Get our Free Apps for Apple iOS & Android Devices
Posted on August 19th @ 12:27 pm ET  -   Comments

If you have an Apple or Android mobile device (including tablets such as the Apple iPad), you can download our free app from your device's app store or marketplace.

Our Android and iOS apps let you browse our message boards from anywhere and keep up to date on the latest deals, site news and Black Friday updates and discussion.
Are You a Target Clearance Shopper? Find Hot Deals!
Posted on August 19th @ 12:27 pm ET  -   Comments

One of the most popular non-Black Friday parts of our site is our famous "Perimeter Perusing" threads on the message boards. You can view them all dating back to 2005 by clicking here.

Our many forum members use these threads to post the deals they find at Target every day of the year. The nickname "perimeter perusing" refers to the fact that most of Target's clearance items are located on the perimeter of the store and a trip around the perimeter can usually lead you to the deals. Get the latest deals here.