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Best Practices: Black Friday 101 for Retailers
Posted on August 5th @ 2:28 pm ET  -   Comments

We realize that we get many visits from employees of the retailers that we post Black Friday ads from. Given that potential audience of decision-makers within the retail industry, we thought we'd try to help out all of retailers during this holiday shopping season.

Several years ago we compiled a list of best practices that stores can follow for a successful day - Black Friday 101 for retailers. We think these ideas still are valid and should be considered.
Black Friday Shortcut URLs Available Again This Year
Posted on August 5th @ 2:28 pm ET  -   Comments

Just a reminder that the shortcut web addresses we've had in the past are working once again this year to save you some time:

BlackFriday.GD will take you directly to this Black Friday site. will take you to the message boards.
Get our Free Apps for Apple iOS & Android Devices
Posted on August 5th @ 2:28 pm ET  -   Comments

If you have an Apple or Android mobile device (including tablets such as the Apple iPad), you can download our free app from your device's app store or marketplace.

Our Android and iOS apps let you browse our message boards from anywhere and keep up to date on the latest deals, site news and Black Friday updates and discussion.
Black Friday Countdown: 6 Months Until Black Friday 2017
Posted on May 24th @ 9:28 am ET  -   Comments

We are officially half-way to Black Friday 2017! Today marks the 6 month point in the countdown towards the big day. We know many of you are getting excited about the big day and some are even putting off big purchases until you see the Black Friday deals.

We're busy working behind the scenes to prepare for this year including designing a new t-shirt, performing site updates and much more. We'll be back soon with more Black Friday news.
In-Store Black Friday Sales Flat, But Online Sales Skyrocket
Posted on December 1st @ 10:20 am ET  -   Comments

Black Friday is over and the numbers are in. ShopperTrak reports that in-store Black Friday visits were flat compared to last year, and combined Thanksgiving and Black Friday numbers were down one percent over 2015 numbers. This was attributed to a few less stores opening on Thanksgiving and more shoppers doing their shopping online.

Black Friday saw $3.34 billion spent online, and Cyber Monday was on track to eclipse that mark, which is a 9.4 percent increase over last year. Online shopping is our specialty and you can be sure we'll be covering it even more next year and beyond as it becomes the way to shop on Black Friday.