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Walmart Announces Rather Disappointing Holiday Initiatives

Posted on 10/27/16 @ 10:54 am ET  -   Comments
Walmart today put out a press release unveiling their plans for the holiday shopping season, and after seeing their competitors' plans, we're a little disappointed with Walmart's efforts.Walmart is deploying "Holiday Helpers" to help you by pointing out open checkout lanes and... read more

Rite Aid Black Friday Sale Ad Posted

Posted on 10/25/16 @ 8:39 pm ET  -   Comments
We have just posted this year's Rite Aid Black Friday ad. View the 3-page ad here.If you would like to see how this year's Rite Aid Black Friday ad compares to their ads from past years, check out our Black Friday Archive... read more

Target Unveils Holiday Plans: Free Shipping, Discounts & More

Posted on 10/25/16 @ 3:59 pm ET  -   Comments
Target just issued a press release full of details about their plans for the next few months. You can read the entire release here, but here are a few highlights. First, they are bringing back free shipping on all orders until... read more

Best Buy Unveils Annual Holiday 'Top Tech' List

Posted on 10/25/16 @ 8:16 am ET  -   Comments
Best Buy today announced their annual Holiday Top Tech List containing 20 must-have gadgets for this year's holiday shopping season. See the full list and order most of the items here. Don't forget that is also offering free shipping on all... read more

Target Holiday Toy Spectacular Catalog Posted

Posted on 10/25/16 @ 8:16 am ET  -   Comments
We've just posted the 80-page Target Holiday Toy Spectacular Catalog here on the site. You can check it out here. This catalog features hundreds of toys from top brands such as LEGO, Star Wars, Frozen and much more. Target will have 50%... read more

Best Buy Offers Free Shipping on All Orders This Year

Posted on 10/24/16 @ 9:19 am ET  -   Comments
Best Buy has announced that they will offer free shipping on all online orders on from now through December 24, 2016. Previously they had a $35 minimum threshold.This is particularly good news for Black Friday as Best Buy typically has a... read more

Victoria's Secret Black Friday Tote Bag Offer Posted

Posted on 10/24/16 @ 9:18 am ET  -   Comments
We have just posted preliminary details about this year's Victoria's Secret Black Friday tote bag offer. You can see a photo of the tote bag (and free mini bag) being offered here.Victoria's Secret will offer this tote bag and mini bag for... read more