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Neiman Marcus 2016 Christmas Book Posted

Posted on 10/20/16 @ 8:42 am ET  -   Comments
We've added the 293-page Neiman Marcus Christmas Book catalog to the site. You can check out the nearly 300 pages in this annual catalog here. This year the catalog is celebrating 90 years. The catalog is known for its Fantasy Gifts which... read more

Discuss Black Friday on the Forums & Win Gift Cards

Posted on 10/18/16 @ 11:10 am ET  -   Comments
We're really proud of our Black Friday message boards on our forum. They are a great place to talk about Black Friday with others who are just as crazy about Black Friday as you are. Every year we see a lot of... read more

LEGO & Sam's Club Holiday Catalogs Posted

Posted on 10/17/16 @ 11:35 am ET  -   Comments
A few more holiday catalogs for you to check out today. First we have the 52-page LEGO Holiday Catalog for this year. This book features hundreds of LEGO toys including over 70 new sets. Be sure to check out the free countdown... read more

Kmart 2016 Holiday Toy Catalog Posted

Posted on 10/17/16 @ 10:35 am ET  -   Comments
We've just posted another holiday toy catalog, this one from Kmart. Check out the complete catalog here and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.This sale begins this Sunday, October 23rd and the prices will be valid until November 19th.... read more Releases Electronics Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on 10/17/16 @ 10:35 am ET  -   Comments
Today posted their Electronics Holiday Gift Guide. This guide features hundreds of gift ideas in ten major categories such as gaming, music, smart home, wearables and more. They also have a dedicated section for electronics gifts under $100. See the full... read more

When to Expect Your Favorite Store's Black Friday Ad

Posted on 10/17/16 @ 8:36 am ET  -   Comments
We took the data from the past four years to find out how soon before Black Friday each ad typically gets leaked here on GottaDEAL. We then based those days on this year's Black Friday date, November 25th, to come up with... read more

Toys R Us "Great Big Toy Book of Awesome" Posted

Posted on 10/14/16 @ 9:15 am ET  -   Comments
We've just posted the highly anticipated Toys R Us "Great Big Toy Book of Awesome" for this year. This huge 120-page catalog contains hundreds of the hottest toys for this holiday season including brand such as LEGO, Barbie, Little Tikes and much... read more