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Target Announces Holiday Plans Including Free 2-Day Shipping

Posted on 10/23/18 @ 5:06 pm ET  -   Comments
Target today announced their strategy for the holiday season. They have several great initiatives this year, including bringing back free shipping on all purchases starting on November 1st. New this year: they have upgraded the free shipping offer to free 2-day... read more Online-Only November Savings Guide Posted

Posted on 10/23/18 @ 4:49 pm ET  -   Comments
We've just posted the 18-page Online-Only November Savings Gift Guide. View it here. These online-only deals are valid starting Tuesday, October 30th though November 25th.Here's two ways to save more on these deals: we expect some of these offers to be... read more

Costco November Coupon Book Posted

Posted on 10/22/18 @ 7:36 am ET  -   Comments
We've just added the 23-page Costco November coupon book to the site. Check it out here. The deals in this book begin next Wednesday the 31st and last until Monday, November 26th.Note that while the deals in this coupon book book are... read more

Join the GottaDEAL Discord Server & Chat About Black Friday

Posted on 10/21/18 @ 6:23 pm ET  -   Comments
We've just set up a new GottaDEAL Discord server for those of you who'd like to chat in real-time about Black Friday and anything else with other GottaDEAL visitors and forum members. You can access the server via this invite link and... read more

Amazon Launches Holiday Electronics Gift Guide

Posted on 10/21/18 @ 6:14 pm ET  -   Comments
Amazon has unveiled their popular Holiday Electronics Gift Guide with over 600 gift ideas available for ordering on Amazon. As always this guide was put together by Amazon's product buyers. This years gift guide is divided into 12 categories for you to... read more

Sam's Club Instant Savings Catalog Posted

Posted on 10/19/18 @ 2:38 pm ET  -   Comments
We've just posted the Sam's Club Instant Savings 40-page catalog on the site. View it here. This month-long sale begins next Wednesday and continues through Sunday, November 25th.The catalog also gives some details on additional Sam's Club sales coming up. On Saturday,... read more

Neiman Marcus 2018 Christmas Book Posted

Posted on 10/19/18 @ 11:20 am ET  -   Comments
We've added the 276-page Neiman Marcus Christmas Book to the site. You can check out this annual catalog here. Neiman Marcus has been releasing this catalog for over 90 years.The catalog is known for its Fantasy Gifts which this year features items... read more