Menards 2017 Black Friday Ad
Black Friday Hours: Opens at 6am Friday

Select Doy Toys$2.99
Select Dog and Cat Toys$3.98
GloFish Half Moon Aquarium Kit$19.99
14" Christmas Pet Stocking$1.47
20" Stuffing Free Squeaker Dog Toy$1.47
Emoji Stuffed Squeaker Dog Toy$1.47
11" Tool Squeaker Dog Toy$1.47
Master Paws 10" Big Mouth$2.99
15"-20" Rope Tug$2.99
16" Stretch Squeaker$2.99
11" Zanies Attack-A-Jack$2.99
15" Ball and Rope Squeaker$2.99
13" Rope Animal Squeaker$2.99
8" Long Neck Plush Squeaker$2.99
24" Jumbo Loofa Squeaker$2.99
30" Plush Squeaker$2.99
12" Canvas Squeaker Dog Toy$3.98
10 1/2" Christmas Lamb Chop Squeaker Dog Toy$3.98
Mutlipet 12" Cardboard Scratch Roller Toy$3.98
Petstages Catnip Chaser$3.98

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