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"Big Value" Bed Pillow Standard Size (2 for $5)$2.50
"Big Value" Bed Pillows King Size (2 for $10)$5.00
"Big Value" Bed Pillows Queen Size (2 for $8)$4.00
"Luxury" Sheer Panels$4.99
"McKenzie" Blackout Grommeted Panels or "Saroya" Thermal Foam Backed Panel$9.99
"Poinsettia" Damask Tablecloths$4.99
"Super Soft" Microfiber Twin Size Sheet Sets$4.99
"Tyler" Textured Sheer Panels$6.99
"Ultra Soft" Microplush Blankets$6.99
100% Cotton "Diamond" Bath Accesories ($2.49-7.99)SALE
100% Cotton "Diamond" Bath Rug ($5.99-12.99)SALE
100% Cotton "Diamond" Bath Towel (2 for $5)$2.50
100% Cotton "Diamond" Hand Towel (2 for $3)$1.50
100% Cotton "Diamond" Washcloth$0.99
100% Cotton "Jumbo" Bath Towels$3.99
100% Cotton 400 Thread Count Sheet Sets$24.99
2 Pack Grommeted Faux Silk Panels$9.99
2 Piece Bath Rug Set or 14 Piece Shower Curtain, Rings & Tub Mat Set$6.99
3-Piece "Santuko" or 4-Piece Steak Knife Sets$2.99
550 Thread Count Sheet Sets with Bonus Pillowcase$24.99
8 Opening Collage Frames$7.99
Basketware Chef Mats$7.99
Bedspread Sets$18.99
Berber Accent Rugs$2.99
Charger Plates$0.99
Decorative Pillows$3.99
Egyptian Cotton Bed Pillows$3.99
Emroided, Solid or Print Microfiber Sheet Sets$9.99
Entire Stock of Bed in a Bags$29.99
Fleece Blankets$4.99
Fleece Throws$1.99
Holiday Kitchen Towels (2 for $1)$0.50
Luxury 7 Piece Bedding Sets$34.99
Microplush Oversized and Overfilled Mini Sets$29.99
Microplush Throws$4.99
Neck Rest Pillows$4.99
Print Holiday Doormats$2.99
Print Mini Sets$14.99
Reversible Furniture Protectors Chair$9.99