Food & Drink
Holiday M&M'sB1G1F
Lay's Chips (+$0.50 ExtraBucks Rewards)$2.49
Multi-Grain Cheerios 12-Ounce (+$1 ExtraBucks Reward)$1.88
Orbit Gum 14 Count (+$1 ExtraBucks Reward)$1.00
Pepsi 2 Liter$0.79
Pepsi or Coke 12-Pack of 12-Ounce Cans (Buy 3 for $11, get $1 ExtraBucks Reward)$3.66
Progresso Soup, 4 for $5 (+$1 ExtraBucks Reward when you buy 4)$1.25
Buy 1 Jell-O No Bake Dessert Get 1 Clover Valley Graham Cracker Pie CrustB1G1F
Campbell's Chunky Soup$1.00
Cheetos or Fritos$2.00
Lay's Classic Chips$1.75
M&M's 11.4-Ounce-12.6-Ounce$2.50
Nabisco Ritz Crackers or Keebler Assorted Cookies$2.00
Pepsi or Mtn Dew 12-Pack Cans$2.50
Pepsi or Mtn Dew 12-Pack Cans 3 for$8.00
Pepsi or Mtn Dew 2 Litre$1.00
Tombstone Original Pizza 12-Inch$3.50
2 Liter Bottles of Coca-Cola, Sprite, 7Up or Mountain Dew$1.00
Candy CanesB1G1H
Giant Snickers or Reese's Candy Bars$10.00
Holiday M&M's, Palmer Holiday Treats or Hershey's Kisses$3.00
Select Holiday Candy (Zachary Cordial Cherries, Skittles Candy Cane and More)$1.00
Welch's Sparkling Juice$3.00
75-Count Mini Candy Cane Gift Set 2/$5$5.00
Gingerbread Kits 2/$5$5.00
Mega Candy Tubes$5.00
Pez 2/$3$3.00
10 oz Baking Wafers (4 for $5)$1.25
12 oz Pecan Pieces$3.98
14 oz Mae's Corner Market Hard Holiday Candy (2 for $2.98)$1.49
14 oz Sponge Candy$2.99
16 oz Deluxe Mixed Nuts Tin$7.99
16 oz Ivory or Chocolate Flavorered Bark (4 for $6.96)$1.74
16 oz Pecan Caramel Cluster Tin$8.99
20-24 oz Baking Chips$2.46
24 oz Cashew Halves & Pieces$3.99
24 oz Chocolate Drops or Ribbon Candy (3 for $9.99)$3.33
24 oz Sweetened Dried Cranberries$2.98
26.5-31 oz Holiday Party Tray$6.99
32 oz From the Pantry Chocolate Stars$3.98