Miscellaneous Black Friday Sale Items

A.C. Moore100-Piece Market Set$12.88
A.C. Moore12"x12" Topload Scrapbook Albums 3/$10$10.00
A.C. Moore2015 Calendars or 2-Yr Planners$1.00
A.C. Moore60-Piece Media Art Set$12.88
A.C. MooreA.C. Moore 2-Pk. Value Pack Econo Artist Canvas - 16"x20" or 18"x24"$6.00
A.C. MooreA.C. Moore 2-Pk. Value Pack Econo Artist Canvas - 8"x10", 11"x14" or 12"x16"$4.00
A.C. MooreArt 101 119-Piece Set$19.88
A.C. MooreArt 101 215-Piece Set$29.88
A.C. MooreArt 101 Manga Drawing Set$12.88
A.C. MooreBernat Holiday Big Ball Yarn$7.99
A.C. MooreCousins Class in a Box Bead Set$9.99
A.C. MooreDarice Shambala, BOHO Strands or Glass Bead Strands 5/$10$10.00
A.C. MooreEntire Selection Latch Hook Kits40% off
A.C. MooreEntire Selection Packaged Paper40% off
A.C. MooreFashion Smart Phone Cases$5.00
A.C. MooreInsta-Cartooner$12.88
A.C. MooreInternational Greetings 16-Month Premium Wall Calendars$2.88
A.C. MooreLion Brand Hometown USA Yarn 3/$10$10.00
A.C. MooreLyre Inclinable Easel$38.88
A.C. MooreMedium Sewing Baskets$12.99
A.C. MooreNicole 120-Piece Art Set$4.99
A.C. MooreNicole 316-Piece Mega Art Set$14.99
A.C. MooreNicole 50-Piece Artist Pencil Set$9.99
A.C. MooreNicole 52-Pc.Gel Pen Set$9.99
A.C. MooreNicole 79-Piece Studio Art Set$9.99
A.C. MooreNicole Rectangle or Round Loom Sets$7.88
A.C. MooreNicole Rectangle or Round Loom Sets$7.88
A.C. MooreOttlite 13W Craft Caddy$29.99
A.C. MooreOttlite 13W Craft Carry Case$59.99
A.C. MoorePremier Serenity Chunky Yarn 2/$5$5.00
A.C. MoorePurple Cows 12" All-in-One Craft Trimmer$19.94
A.C. MoorePurple Cows 9" Hot & Cold Laminator$19.94
A.C. MooreRed Heart Holiday Sassy Fabric$7.99
A.C. MooreRed Heart Super Saver Yarn 2/$5$5.00
A.C. MooreRolling Scrapbook Storage Tote$39.99
A.C. MooreRolling Scrapbook Storage Tote$59.99
A.C. MooreRoyal & Langnickel All Media Easel$38.88
A.C. MooreRoyal & Langnickel Art Instructor Sets$9.99
A.C. MooreRoyal & Langnickel Deluxe Sketching & Drawing Chest$38.88
A.C. MooreRoyal & Langnickel Learn To Draw Set$19.88
A.C. MooreRoyal & Langnickel Learn To Paint Set$19.88
A.C. MooreRoyal & Langnickel Travel Art Sets$38.88
A.C. MooreRoyal Mega Clear Cases$17.88
A.C. MooreSharpie 23-Piece Special Edition Set$17.88
A.C. MooreShuttlecases or Fashion Smart Phone Cases$9.99
A.C. MooreSpecial Selection 9"x12" Artist Pads$5.88
A.C. MooreStitch Studio By Nicole Basic Yarn 2/$5$5.00
A.C. MooreStitch Studio by Nicole Heartfelt Heritage Yarn 3/$10$10.00
A.C. MooreStitch Studio By Nicole Soiree Yarn$7.99
A.C. MooreValencia Easel$29.88

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