Jewelry & Watches Black Friday Sale Items

 Jewelry & Watches
Stage1/2 Created White Topaz Pendants$29.99
Stage11 Created White Sapphire Bracelet$59.99
Stage4.5 Created White Sapphire Pendant and Earring Set$39.99
Stage8.5 Created White Sapphire Earrings$39.99
Stage9 Genuine Stone Bracelet$59.99
StageArm Party Bracelets$14.99
StageAssorted Boxed Jewelry and Watches60% off
StageAssorted Fashion Jewelry and Watches60% off
StageBoxed Fashion Watches60% off
StageBoxed Fine Jewelry$14.99
StageBoxed Sterling Silver Jewelry$14.99
StageDiamond Accent Earrings$14.99
StageEntire Stock Fine Jewelry75% off
StageFashion Watches, Boxed (with coupon)$14.99
StageFrozen Jewelry, includes 18" Pendent or Earrings in Mirrored Box (with coupon)$29.99
StageGenuine Freshwater Cultured Pearl Set$34.99
StageOrnament Jewelry, Assorted Pendents & Earrings$5.62
StageSterling Silver Initial Pendants$11.99