Jewelry & Watches Black Friday Sale Items

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 Jewelry & Watches
Big LotsCheval Jewelry Armoire$179.00
Big LotsJewelry Armoire$99.00
BJ's Wholesale1.25 Tanazanite and White Topaz Pendant and Earrings Set in Sterling Silver$35 off
BJ's Wholesale1/2 Diamond Stud Earrings in 14k White Gold$354.99
BJ's Wholesale1/2 Diamond Studs 14k White Gold$354.99
BJ's Wholesale17.00 Multi-Gemstone Bracelet in Sterling Silver$35 off
BJ's WholesaleHonora 3-Piece Pearl Set in White, Black, Chocolate or Cherry$39.99
Bon-Ton.03 Diamond Band in Sterling Silver$69.97
Bon-Ton.03 Diamond Cross Pendant in Sterling Silver$59.97
Bon-Ton.04 Diamond Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver$59.97
Bon-Ton.05 Diamond Earrings in Sterling Silver$59.97
Bon-Ton.06 Diamond Ring in 18k Gold & Sterling Silver by Effy$129.97
Bon-Ton.07 Diamond Earrings in Sterling Silver$169.97
Bon-Ton.08 Diamond Crossover Band in Sterling Silver$69.97
Bon-Ton.10 Diamond 3-Piece Set in 10k Gold and Sterling Silver$139.97
Bon-Ton.10 Diamond Earrings in 10k Gold$149.97
Bon-Ton.10 Diamond Ring in 14k Gold and Sterling Silver$119.97
Bon-Ton.12 Diamond Hoops in 14k Gold & Sterling Silver$169.97
Bon-Ton.25 Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Sterling Silver$89.97
Bon-Ton.28 Diamond Heart by Effy$599.97
Bon-Ton.39 Diamond Cross by Effy$749.97
Bon-Ton.39 Diamond Ring by Effy$599.97
Bon-Ton.50 Diamond Earrings in 18k Gold by Effy$499.97
Bon-Ton.60 Diamond Ring by Effy$599.97
Bon-Ton1.0 Diamond Earrings in 18k Gold by Effy$1,199.97
Bon-Ton1.50 Diamond Earrings in 18k Gold by Effy$2,199.97
Bon-Ton14k Yellow or White Gold Hoop Earrings$119.97
Bon-Ton18k Gold & Sterling Silver Hoops by Effy$69.97
Bon-Ton18" Necklace in 14k Yellow or White Gold$99.97
Bon-TonAmethyst and Blue Topaz Ring in 18k Gold & Sterling Silver by Effy$99.97